Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair, Black

Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chairt
Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chairt


Having trouble getting comfortable and at ease when trying to attain the complete video game. Well look no further because today we will be discussing the Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair, Black.





Here is a quick look at some of the features of this video game chair.

  • Compatible to XBOX,XBOX 360, Playstation. Wii, DVD/CD, MP3 home theatres and many more.
  • The chair has built in speakers.
  • The upholstery is made of black and blue PVC with a comfort fire-retardant foam pad .
  • The control panel has volume, bass controls and RCA audio inputs
  • and RCA multi-player audio outputs and headphone jacks
  • There is an input and holster for iPod™ / mp3 / psp™
  • Both the control panel and speakers have a brushed aluminum finish
  • Color of video gaming chair is black.
  • Video game chair dimensions: 37.5L x 30.25W x 24H inches
  • The illuminating speakers are 3-inch full range arx™
  • The subwoofer is a 5.5-inch powersub™
  • Breathable poly-stretch fabric
  • Easy for storage and transport as chair and arms fold in half.

Review of the Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair, Black

This well designed game chair will help you to improve your gaming skills as it envelopes you with an air of quality and a touch of class.

The built-in speakers are positioned around your head, and with its modern rocking chair design together with its glossy styling, you’ll be soon be getting more out of your home entertainment system.

This video gaming chair has built-in speakers that put you in the middle of the action and with its blue and black long lasting upholstery will take the stresses out of your play and its easy to clean vinyl makes it ideal for constant use.

Another advantage of this gaming chair is that it’s portable, foldable storable and above all comfortable and because of this it would make a great present and a perfect addition to a dorm room.

The usual inputs for your headphones and iPod are included as well as the bass and volume controls. When not in use, the chair can easily be folded in half and stored, saving space.

Please remember there is no base as a separate structure. The bottom part has two continuous rails, one on either side, and it rocks on those rails as you play. It should be strong enough to fit a 6 foot  200 lb adult easily enough.

Should you buy the Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chair, Black?

Of course every buyer wants something that matches their needs so only you can tell if this gaming chair is the one for you. But there area number of things to bear in mind.

  • The chair appears to be sturdy, well built and comfortable
  • Arm rests are secure and the back well padded
  • It looks sleek and modern.

One word of warning though only you know what equipment you have and exactly what you want the chair for so you should check that it fits into your entertainment system before buying.

For instance there appears to be some confusion as to whether this chair is compatible with the XBOX ONE. Having said all that most gaming chairs can be easily adapted by buying some extra equipment.

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Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chairt
Ace Bayou X-Rocker Ice Video Rocker Game Chairt



 By C. E. Morgan

I looked at a lot of gaming chairs over the past 6 months; and hemmed and hawed a lot over this purchase. If you’ve looked at all, you already know you can spend much more or much less on a gaming chair. I took the middle ground, paying approximately 140, which I mention because I see the price fluctuates on this item almost daily. You might do better to observe over the space of a week or so before buying.

Anyway, about the chair: Build quality is about 8 out of 10. The covering feels durable and securely attached. The frame is sturdy and holds an adult easily (I am 5’10” and about 190lbs) without appearing to tax the chairs capabilities at all. The frame feels just a tad loose; but after several hours of play, I have come to the conclusion that this is intentional as it allows for a certain amount of give that might otherwise stress the frame.

I find the chair quite comfortable. Of course, almost anything would have been an improvement. I’m nearly 50 so I can’t see the screen as well from the comfort of the standard furniture and the floor is just not suite to extended periods of playing. The seat is firm while still being well padded, the back feels much the same. The armrests are secure and at just the right height for me; though I can imagine where significantly large or smaller users might long for greater adjustability.

The chair looks sharp. The design is sleek and modern, without being over the top. I will offer one small criticism here, the tin speaker/light covers look a little cheap and seemed unevenly mounted.
The audio is impressive considering the relative size of the speakers involved. The speakers are smartly positioned. The audio in is only two channels, so the subwoofer doesn’t really take advantage of the 5.1 or 7.1 audio the consoles offer these days. Finally, the hookup is snap. There’s a basic input for the power, an audio line in and and audio line out (standard mini jacks). It’t worth pointing out that this chair is not wireless; but that Ace Bayou sells a kit that would make it so.. Honestly, with a little care in running the cables, they don’t feel at all obtrusive to me and probably perform more reliably. Read More at Amazo

I’m very happy with this selection and i would recommend it to anyone.

By Jackie H.

Hannah said it was her favorite present ever. Good sound, lights, so easy to hook up for use a child could do it.

By Lynette Fisher Ramsey

I chose this chair for my son after considering many others. Love style size and perks.

By R.Mallon

My nephew loves it! He is a big kid, and after reading some reviews about people flipping backwards, I suggested he wedge a little pillow behind it, which works great. He can still rock, but it won’t go all the way back. He decided not to use the arm rests…I don’t really know why…

 By Zach (Nevada)

This game chair is great. I don’t game much, but I wanted this for watching movies and for an extra place to sit in my room.

Build: it seems to be very sturdy and is much larger than what the picture implies.

Audio: the sound is pretty good, but there is always some static coming through and I have yet to figure out why.

Complaints: I don’t know what I expected, but it is kinda heavy and heard to move around, especially since it has no handles or straps. Also, it squeaks

By Amanda

This is a great gaming chair. I have yet to test out the sound capabilities, but the chair itself is very comfortable to sit in even for long periods of time. I just spent an eight hour stretch in this chair today and have no complaints. It is weighted well and the PVC upholstery is nice and cool against the skin. You can use the chair with or without the arms. Read More at

The Ace Bayou Corporation

 This gaming chair is manufactured by the Ace Bayou Corporation which was founded in 1986 and has grown into various lifestyles focused divisions.

Included in that is a lifestyle furniture division which includes casual furniture, distinctive bean bags, recliners and gaming chairsThey all feature imaginative, quality products at prices that everyone can enjoy.

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